Quick Tips for Submitting a Parking Notice Dispute

Our team thoroughly reviews details provided before a notice has been sent.
However, if you feel that you have received a parking notice in error,
you can dispute the notice by submitting a form online, below are the steps:

1. Visiting ParkingInvoice.com
2. Entering your notice number.
3. Clicking the link under the license plate
image to “Dispute Your Charge”.
4. Submitting the form.

Please allow 72 hours for our team to research and return your request.

Submitting a parking rebuttal involves providing an explanation or argument against a parking violation or penalty. The process may vary depending on the specific rules and procedures of the parking authority or organization responsible for the parking enforcement. Below are general steps to help you with the submission of a parking rebuttal:

Review the Violation Notice

Carefully examine the parking violation notice you received. Take note of the violation code, date, time, and location of the alleged violation. Ensure that you understand the reason for the penalty.

Gather Evidence

Collect any evidence that supports your rebuttal. This may include photographs, receipts, parking permits, or any documentation that proves you were not in violation or had a valid reason for the parking situation. If there was a legitimate reason for the violation (e.g., a medical emergency), gather documentation to support your claim.

Check Rebuttal Time Frame

Find out the deadline for submitting a parking rebuttal. It is essential to adhere to this timeline to ensure your appeal is considered.

Prepare a Clear Explanation

Write a concise and clear explanation of why you believe the parking violation was unwarranted or should be dismissed. Be honest and factual in your statement, providing relevant details and attaching any supporting evidence you gathered.

Use Proper Language and Tone

Remain polite and respectful in your communication. Avoid using offensive or aggressive language, as it may undermine your appeal. 

Submit Rebuttal Via Appropriate Channels

Some parking authorities allow you to submit rebuttals online through their website or via email, while others might require you to mail the documents. Follow the instructions on the violation notice or check the parking authority's website for the correct submission process.

Keep Copies

Make copies of all documents you submit, including your written explanation and any evidence provided. This is important for your records and to have proof of the submission.

Searching an office filing cabinet full of many files

Wait for a Response

After submitting your parking rebuttal, be patient and await a response from the parking authority. Response times may vary, but it is advisable to follow up if you do not receive any communication within a reasonable period.

Be Prepared for Different Outcomes

Understand that your rebuttal may or may not be successful. If your appeal is denied, you might have the option to further contest the decision through an appeals process, depending on the parking authority's policies.

Remember that each parking authority may have unique rules and processes for handling parking rebuttals, so it's crucial to review their specific guidelines before proceeding.

It is important to note that our team cannot
pause a notice unless you submit a dispute on our website.

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